Thand Olecsthane

Kapitensleutnant and all around hero


Kapitensleutnant Thand is a military man of the Sword Worlds navy who has recently become a system wide hero for driving off the Azure Dawn merc company in the Faldor system. The ground battle was ridiculously grueling: no survivors, but the battle was won by the Navy, commanded by Thand. As a result, Thand has become a symbol of anti-Imperialist sentiments in the Caspious system. Unfortunately, he arrived in system after Waerd’s death and the ensuing political debacle. Had he arrived a week earlier, he might have been able to keep the nobles happy, but alas, he arrived too late.

The Loyalists consider Thand to be a rallying point for their cause. His heroism is a seen as a sign of their strength. Moreover, his devotion to the Aesirian religion is considered a prime example of the spiritual underpinnings of the cause. The Aesirs themselves, especially some of the more militant Godar, have adopted Kapitensleutnant Olecsthane as a powerful emblem of Swordbonir culture.

Thand Olecsthane

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