Adventure 1, Post Traumatic Space Disorder

The characters were called off of Enos back to the Caspious system after the death of Islan Waerd. Their presence was requested by Hordven Clos at a meeting of Loyalist nobles at Midgard, an old burned out Psion academy, where they were to discuss their next move. They were interrupted by Thand Olecsthane having recently returned from a controversial victory in the Faldor system.

His victory over the Azure Dawn was hard fought. The ground forces were decimated as the Azure Dawn retreated, scorched Earth style. They left no survivors. They didn’t even leave behind the corpses of the fallen…or so Thand would have had the Caspious nobles believe.

Thand vowed, in front of the nobles, to attack a Telvin Phi outpost defended by solely by Sword Worlders. His reasoning was that they would not fire on him because they would not fire on their own kind and certainly not a great hero like Thand Olecsthane. He then left for his base in an Aesir temple: a hollowed out asteroid turned church called The Prismatic Span.

The characters were hired by Hordven Clos to keep an eye on Thand, to get a feeling for the validity of his plan (as well as the possibility for its success). He gave them a beacon to carry that would introduce them as agents of Hordven Clos.

As the characters approached the Span, it became apparent that they were not alone. Another group of ships was waiting for an audience with Thand sent by the noble, Gunnar Einmander. Einmander’s men could not gain entrance to the ship. Moreover, the church was jamming frequencies of communication. When the characters played out Hordven’s introduction, they were allowed aboard.

The characters split up. Reese went to talk with the Godar. The other characters went to poke around. They found Thand’s location and decided to head to a hanger they thought was his. It turned out, it was, but just poking around, they came off as a problem. Reese had already opened the conversation through the Godar and the introduction by Hordven Clos.

Olecsthane, happy to finally have someone not in league with the Godar to talk to, asked the characters to shut down the jammers so that he can communicate with Einmander’s men and explain to them the urgency of his mission. Unfortunately, when the ajmmer went out, a communique from the Aether Gull came through. The Gull was carrying the dead and wounded from the battle at Faldor: the dead and the wounded who supposedly had gone up in flames. In reality, Olecsthane had refused to collect his casualties. Who knows what else he’d lied about.

The Einmander’s attacked. The characters helped Olecsthane escape from the Prismatic Span. Olecsthane headed off onto his suicide mission, carrying with him Lem and Ames! The other characters followed behind soon after.

Lem and Ames were able to escape from the ship just in time for the Last Ride to arrive. After careful maneuvering, they returned to find Thand captured and awaiting subsector fleet. Reese, Lem, and Ted went over, only to discover that the ship had been rigged to blow by a Jagr. He had wanted to collect a data file from the ship before its destruction. Thand’s family had discovered Caspious 9 and had large rights to it which had since been traded off. The subsequent contracts depend, somewhat, on the original land rights. Why Thand had it with him on a suicide quest is unknown. The characters left with Thand. The Jagr left with the data file. The ship blew up. There you go.

Now Olecsthane has given over his last credit to the characters in order to be taken to Caladbolg where he plans on disappearing. He will live out the rest of his life as an Unwolfen. As far as everyone else is concerned, he will have died in the battle. Only the characters and the Jagr will know otherwise.

Adventure 1, Post Traumatic Space Disorder

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