C657687-A AG GA

• Starport quality: C
• Size .7
• Atmosphere Type: Thin
• Hydrographic percentage: 75%
• Population: Millions
• Government Type: Civil Service Bureacracy; Factions: Heredity Ruling Caste (minor); Communism (notable); Captive Government (minor)
• Law Level: 7 (no shotguns, no narcotics, Government monitor of Free Speech, psionics forbidden, Getting offworld is a severe pain in the butt)
• (hyphen)
• Tech Level: 10


Anduril is a garden planet. It is fairly overgrown with Earth-like vegetation and provides enough food for its agro-business to supply Anduril, Narsil, and even Enos. It might not be remarkably high tech but, well…people gotta eat.

Anduril was a democracy, but over the years, democracy imploded into a series of extraordinarily powerful regulatory bodies over the agricultural business. Robots do most of the work, humans fix the robots and control the business of distribution. The result has been a quasi-communist state. One of the side effects has been that healthcare is run by the governing organization. It is fairly comprehensive, but it considers augmentation to be its property. If customers cannot pay back their debts, the government requires a period of indentured servitude that is notoriously long.

As medical technology increases on Narsil, citizens of Anduril have likewise increased their demand. Nobles have opportunistically used this demand to increase the realm of the law and what it considers ‘augmentation.’ The resultant friction has given rise to a powerful enclave of ideological communists who are for open access to powerful healthcare and who are Imperialists, in so far as they feel the Imperium, and especially Telvin Phi, would be willing to back their takeover.

To make matters more complicated, the previous Democratic government gave rise to a class of plutocrats who became divided when the regulatory agencies were set up. The founding family was ousted and now lives with the Sultanate of Enos, though it continues to find supporters of its plantation life style on both Anduril and Narsil. The other Plutes remain powerful figures in the government with shadowy positions vis-à-vis the regulatory commissions. When the commissions become more powerful, the power of the Plutes tends to wane a bit. The Communist faction claims to be Plute-free but recent events have proven this to be false. The Imperialist movement is as filled with nobility as the Loyalist movement.

What does Anduril look like? Anduril is half the size of Earth and is covered by three quarters water. As it has, however, only two million people living on it, it’s population density is very light. Power is centralized in one city, Parth (population 300,000), located on the equatorial belt. Parth is central to regulation and distribution of the planet’s resources. It sends out maintenance drones to build and upkeep the planet’s various farm units, all of which are fairly independent for food, water, medicine, and power, but are reliant upon Parth Central, for goods (notably offworld goods) technological devices, information, computer services and the like.

Andruil farms

Life in the Farm Unit is like life in a technologically advanced village. Populations range between 200 and 500 workers who are mostly responsible for quick maintenance of the agricultural machinery. Even though the farms are vast, they cover about 10% of Anduril’s available land. The rest is an Edenic wilderness filled with a diverse ecology of flaura and fauna. Farm Units tend to be enclosed areas in order to keep the wilds out, but this is not always the case. Some of Anduril’s farm colonies actually make their homes in the giant trees that grow in regions outside the equatorial belt. There is some diversity among the farms, but not nearly as much as the farmhands themselves would care to admit.

The farms are connected by a high speed maglev gondola system. Airspace on Anduril is restricted to Service vehicles and robots. Each village, however, is assigned a working grav vehicle in case of emergencies.

As life on Anduril is not for everyone, Parth Central allows for passes to work on the Narsil colonies. It is, admittedly, a trading of one confinement for another. On Anduril, civilization is meted out by Parth, but the vast and beautiful forest is available freely. On Narsil, freedom abounds (some would say lawlessness) but you live in a cave. Many Andurilians spend some time on Narsil just to see what they’re missing. Few remain there, though some choose life outside the system rather than a return to Anduril.


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