Caladbolg 0509 B365776–A S Ri In

• Starport quality: B
• Size 3 (4800 km, size of Mercury, .25 gravity)
• Atmosphere Type: Earth-like
• Hydrographic percentage: 46-55%, large oceans
• Population: 10,000,000
• Government Type: Balkanization (Imperial, ruled by the Countess)
• Law Level: 6 (Banned: firearms except for shotguns and stunner; Fast and Slow Drugs; Recent News from Offworld; TL 11 Items; Visits from offworlders discouraged; Possession of psionic drugs banned)
• Tech Level: 10

Codes: Industrial, Rich, Scout Base

Caladbolg’s many nation-states arc mainly situated around the equatorial and sub-tropical regions, where the temperatures stay above freezing for most of the year, Much of Caladbolg’s ocean is covered in pack ice. Land is mainly tundra and glacier.

Despite this, the inhabited parts of the world are heavily industrialized, with products ranging from transport to weaponry. Imperial lines maintains a small maintenance facility in orbit over Shashka, an iceball in the outer system. The facility caters to a small amount of independent Commercial shipping as well as maintaining the lmperial lines vessels assigned to the Five Sisters run. The quality of refits from this installation is famous, making it worth the trip in the eyes of many captains.


Tromane Space Port, High
Tromane Space Port, Low


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