How Artificial Gravity Works

Gravity is related to mass. The Jump Drives of Starships involve creating an empty parallel dimension and forcing the ship to exit this realm of space. According to the main book: “Jump travel is the only known means by which a vessel may travel faster than the speed of light. To Jump, a ship creates a bubble of hyperspace by means of injecting high-energy exotic particles into an artificial singularity. The singularity is driven out of our universe, creating a tiny parallel universe which is then blown up like a balloon by injecting hydrogen into it. The Jump bubble is folded around the ship, carrying it into the little pocket universe” (141).

The generation of artificial gravity is deeply related to this concept, except that the process is reversed and the addition to the real universe is made to vestigial dimensions in superstring hyperspace. Essentially, instead of 3 dimensional space contracting, a fifth dimension expands and forces greater mass to be injected from proto-dimensions. The result is the construction of a gravitation field of extraordinarily limited range (the other dimensionality, being vestigial is unlikely to exert its reality with the same force as the first four).

The construction of gravity, in this way, has a number of interesting effects, but chief among them is that it does not act exactly like Gravity along four dimensions. Instead, it is polarized, attraction and repulsion. There is no way to create the one without the other. The construction of anti-gravity is, at the same time, the construction of the M Drive.

In game terms, any hit to the M-Drive has a 2 in 6 chance of disarming gravity, and if the M Drive is disabled, the artificial gravity is disabled as well.

Artificial Gravity is a fundamentally unstable phenomena. Ships are only able to sustain it at extreme fuel cost (half of fuel consumption actually goes to artificial gravity and there is no way at all to avoid this expenditure). It also creates a specific field of energy when it comes into close proximity with natural gravitational fields. Even at half an AU, a ship burning 3Gs of maneuver is likely to attract attention from planetary sensors especially designed for this purpose.

Generally, the repulsion does not simply work in one direction. A ship can create a repulsion field useful in getting across the system, but the front of the ship initiates repulsion as well. It acts as a ice breaker for the front of a sailing ship. In this way, the ship is able to repel debris while flying at 1/10th the speed of light without getting crushed.

How Artificial Gravity Works

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