D9B5622-9 Amber GA

• Starport quality
• Size 1.25 G
• Atmosphere Type: Corrosive and Hot
• Hydrographic percentage: 55%
• Population: Millions
• Government Type: Participating Democracy, faction is the founding family and well known
• Law Level: 2
• (hyphen)
• Tech Level: 9


The surface of Narsil is a turbulent and ridiculously unfriendly place composed of enormous (50’ high in places) high density Phosphorus-Nitrogen crystals that break up during the heat of the planet’s day turning the atmosphere, extraordinarily thick and corrosive. During the night, temperatures drop below human habitable levels, but the air thins and becomes nearly breathable.

Native creatures on Narsil exist in dormancy during the planet’s day cycle and are active during the night. The short life span of the creatures (less than 10 hours) has caused most of the creatures to evolve into fast producers, Narsil’s nights are filled with strange gnat-sized Phosphorous-based lifeforms. Aside from gumming up machinery, they’re really not much of a problem. They’re inedible and they don’t find humans appetizing. Unfortunately, the gnats are extremely heavy and dense, even by Narsil standards, and do represent a serious threat to fast flying crafts, especially when the surface is covered with extremely sharp Tellurium spikes.

During the day, the life forms survive only in their eggs, the crystals disappear and become a thick shallow soup of toxic phosphorous compounds underneath a thick corrosive fog.

All of this provides extraordinary problems for human life on Narsil. That being said, the phosphorous refinement trade on Narsil is fairly lucrative. Lucrative enough, at least, to have invited an ambitious colonization project by Anduril 400 years before. Since that time, two cities have been built at Narsil’s poles. Both are more than 75% underground. They support numerous small work-colonies underneath the planet’s surface.

Life in the cities is actually reasonably developed considering that Narsil is a Phosphorus mining planet in backwater part of a hostile subsector in a contested Sector of the Imperium. It’s strongly TL9 (borderline TL10) with a fairly developed medical industry springing forth from the Phosphorous mines (the medicine is actually developed and manufactured in orbit). Both cities on Narsil, Augenblau and Silberbau, are, however, considered fairly lawless, full of workers from Anduril, working through a season or ten, to earn their way. Narsil is a libertine’s paradise (or hell). Drugs, big guns, rogue computer software, there’s not a whole lot of crackdown on it by the twin governments, by Narsil Offworld, PhosLine, Medikite, or FlyIn (the Six major power on Narsil), unless activity is instigated against these governments or agencies, in which case, the response tends to be draconian.


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